Thursday, June 3, 2010

How About a Nice Cuppa?

I've always considered myself more of a coffee drinker than a tea fancier, but when I got snowed in for a week this winter, I discovered a whole new world of tea!

My mom had given me a box of fancy tea for Christmas, and on that first snowy day, I opened up the box. And proceeded to drink up the whole box in just two days. The tea was packaged in these lovely silk pyramid shaped teabags and the flavors were so smooth and delicious. When I ran out, I went online in search of some more Tea Forte. In my search, I stumbled upon a site called Steepster. I never knew there was a whole community people so obsessed with tea. People at Steepster chat about tea in forums, write tasting notes, and log what's in their tea cupboard.

I discovered a site called 52 Teas where they invent new and intriguing flavors every week, like Buttered Cinnamon Raisin Toast, Heath Bar Chocolate Toffee, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake. I proceeded to put seven different flavors in my cart, and they were delivered to my doorstep a few days later. I documented my new addiction on a layout I made when I was guest designing for WIP in March.

I've spent a small fortune in search of the perfect tea, and I think I've found it: White Coconut Crème by Art of Tea. Their teas are so smooth and creamy and delicious!

Here are my favorite teas I've discovered so far:

Art of Tea - White Coconut Crème tastes just like the coconut custard pies I remember from childhood. Mandarin Silk and Caramelized pear are close runners-up.

SpecialTeas - I adore the Lemon Chiffon Rooibos, Almond Cookie, and Strawberry Cream with Pieces, and their Earl Grey de la Creme is to die for! Genmaicha Japan 655 is an unusual tea with popcorn pieces and toasted rice--I was intrigued by the tasting notes written about this tea on Steepster, so I bought a sample, and I wish I had ordered a bigger pouch!

Teavana - I recommend the Toasted Nut Brulee Oolong and Apricot Caramel Torte. If you visit their stores, they'll open these giant canisters and wave the top over the tea so you can smell the heavenly flavors to help you decide what to buy.

Teas Etc. - Yumminess can be found in Golden Monkey Organic and Coconut Custard.

Tea Forte - I swear the Coco Truffle tastes just like hot cocoa, minus the calories. And the Iced White Ginger Pear is the most perfect iced tea I've ever tasted!

The weather here in Maryland has been in the 90's the past couple of weeks, but I still look forward to coming home every evening to brew my cups of tea. With a little Splenda and a splash of Silk Light soy milk, these teas are a delicious, practically calorie-free indulgence!


Trish said...

OMG--You've totally inspired me to check them out! I am a sun tea maker and a lover of passion fruit, but those are on the boring side. Thanks for sharing!

BabyBokChoy said...

inspiring post, i'm thinking of a page like that, thanks Debbi!!!

jamie said...

sweet little story about you. and a lovely layout to go with.

Sandra said...

Thanks Debbi, I have been drinking Tea instead of coffee for about a year and never stumbled onto all this! I have a new hobby for a while.

Ryzmomplus2 said...

love the layout and have found tea myself this year although i don't think I'll ever forgo coffee altogether, there are a lot of refreshing tea's out there!