Saturday, July 24, 2010

click. click. click.

Sometimes the mojo just isn't there, and when that happens, I go clicking. It's something I recently started doing, and it's really fun. Just start at one place, browse around, and click a link. Eventually, I'll find my mojo, along with some cool ideas for my pages. A couple of months ago, I joined the team at Creative Prompts for You, and it's the sort of thing we do. We take an inspiration image and work off of that.

Today is my anniversary (29 years--gosh, that makes me feel so old just typing that), and I used this image... inspire the page below. I can't tell you how excited I was to finally scrap a picture from my wedding. (Well, actually they were already scrapped from when I first started scrapping, but that's a sad horror story I won't scar you with right now--picture deco scissors and sticker sneezes). If you want to know how the wedding cake image inspired all the details on my layout, read on (if not, skip the next paragraph and scroll on down).

The topic of the inspiration photo spurred me to scrap one of my wedding photos. The flowers on my layout were obviously drawn from the decorations on the cake. The stacked layers of the cakes inspired the arrangement of my photo and journaling block, and the design in the upper left photo inspired my choice of background paper. The topper on the lower middle photo made me think of adding something to the top of my photo and journaling spot, so I that's when I added the punches. The pedestals holding some of the cakes inspired me to use the lamp post, as I thought it had a similar shape. The pewter-looking ribbon draping the cake on the lower right drew my eye, and I decided to add that color to accent my page--I found a metallic paper in my stash and used that for the outline of the shaped paper and the punched borders above my photo and journaling block. I added pewter embossing powder to the chipboard lamp post, the edges of my label and chipboard letters and around the border of my page. Finally, the dots on the lower middle cake made me think of adding pearls around my photo.

I'll leave you with a few images I discovered as I was clicking today. This one, from Live Creating Yourself blog. Love all those fluttering butterflies that I can envision floating across a scrapbook page, and did you notice the writing on some of them? And a cool idea for title work. Oh, and the awesome color scheme!

And this one, from  Anastasia Drawing and Dreaming. The tilted ampersand perched on top of that cupcake-filled flour caught my eye. And I see possibilities in the stacked teacups.

This cool image I found hopping through the Calico and Co. blog. Some nifty details on this. Love the raidrops cut from ledger paper.

And this happy image from decor8. Love that site. I could spend hours clicking around there (and, I must confess that I have!). Again, the color inspires me, but also the typography and so many other little details that I can see including on a scrapbook page.

It's so fun to study images and find ideas that I can translate to scrapbook pages.

I'd love to hear about your favorite non-scrapping places to click for inspiration!


Camila Borssoi said...

Happy Birthday Debbi! I loved this layout, I already saw at CP4U.

Trish said...

Happy Anniversary, Debbi!! You got married when you were 12, huh? :)

Great post! I love Snippet and Ink here for inspo:

BabyBokChoy said...

LOL on Trish's comment above!!!! great post Debbi!!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

LOL, Trish. Actually, I was 17!

Anonymous said...