Monday, August 9, 2010

Finding Inspiration in Children's Books

Our local library underwent major remodeling and just re-opened last month. There is a huge children's section on the first floor of the library! While my 3-year old was picking out books using the technique, I picked up this book and paged through it.

There are so many quotes in this little book that I can't wait to use. Thank you Rebecca Doughty!

I believe you are to me... the very best the best can be.
You're peanut butter chocolate chip, you're double dip and triple flip,
you're roller skate, you're sun and moon,
you're bicycle, you're May and June,
you're dandelion and daffodil, you're slippery sled and snowy hill,
you're butterfly ad pussy willow,
you're furry ted and feather pillow,
you're crayon box and Valentine, you're orange juice and clementine,
you're pony ride, you're bunny hug,
you're water slide, you're lightning bug.
You're ultrabest, the superfest, you're marvelest, you're bluebird nest.
You're you-est you, you're yes-sir-ee,
You're Abso-Besto-lu-tel-y!
I'm telling you so you will see...
you are the very best to me.


Trish said...

That is SO sweet, JJ!! Love it!

Pragmatic Mom said...

What a sweet story! I love that it can be mother or father to child and vice versa.