Saturday, September 4, 2010

Six Word Memoirs

My friend Jen Forbus is the author of this awesome book blog. She told me about one of her bloggy features at a crop a while back, and it has totally inspired me. Based on a concept from the book NOT QUITE WHAT I WAS EXPECTING: SIX-WORD MEMOIRS OF WRITERS FAMOUS AND OBSCURE, Jen took off and interviewed her favorite authors and posed the question to them. Tell your story, in six words or less.

Some of my favorite responses from authors on her blog? Oh, there are many...

*Passionate, compassionate, seeker, open to life.

*Explorer, both through and around life.

*Trying my best. And very grateful.

*I never ran out of stories.

*Writer, father, lover, friend, occasional louse.

*A fat little engine who did.

*Living a dilusion. Do not wake.

*My noir heart beats in darkness.

*They could never keep me quiet.

*Kept trying keys until one fit.

*Into the dark with no regrets.

*Love, kids, writing: went for it.

*Takes a lifetime to grow young.

*Teacher and writer rocks the house.

*My life is a novel. Thanks.

*Striving for clarity changed my life.

*Long days writing. All days dreaming.

*The best is yet to come.

*Paid to pretend. Best job ever.

*Ambitions failed. Blessings, never. Hope abides.

*I know how lucky I am.

*I'd rather be home sleeping.

...and my personal favorite...

*Loved and was loved. Appreciated both.
It got me thinking. Just like it has you thinking now. See, this kind of thing is completely contageous, is it not? I started searching. Then I found this. More of a good thing? Oh, my!!
Want to really be lost in six words? Check this out. (Kiss the next hour goodbye.)

I feel a mini book coming on...enjoy your weekend...


Laina Lamb said...

oh. wow. love this.

Debbi Tehrani said...

I love this concept. I did a six-word-memoir page about my cat called "The bathroom makes me positively giddy." Here it is if you want to see:

Sandra said...

Jeez, I started thinking about this in two languages...the ground I could cover with my family! It's mind-boggling and absolutely contagious! Gracias chica:)

jamie said...

my head is already majorly swimming with mini ideas. this post officially throws me over the edge.
and...i LOVE the sunflower photo! love! yours?

alyssa said...

6 for Trish:

Glad you like us! Join us! :)

Alyssa, SMITH intern