Thursday, November 18, 2010

Eleven Things.

1. Our daughter Jami recently turned 11. I love this age for girls. I know what is around the corner, and I'm enjoying this very special time with her before she hates me. :)
2. I'm behind on emails. Please be patient with me--I swear I'm dancing as fast as I can. :)
3. The Christmas Mega Kit, and the Bertram Inn Christmas Kit are both SOLD OUT. Thank you!
4. Very thankful I really never have to cook for Thanksgiving. Thank you, Lisa (my sister who does a great job with the bird and fixing's every year.)
5. Feeling in the Christmas mood early this year. I may put my tree up this weekend, if we chase this flu bug out of the house.
6. I'm convinced that my husband is the world's loudest snorer. With that big honker of a nose (I love it--don't get me wrong), you'd think he'd be able to get some air in there. But no... You know it is bad when the kids wear earplugs to bed...
7. Picked up this Christmas CD and I love it.
8. Almost finished editing all the fall photos I took for the family day at the park. I most definitely will do this kind of thing again in the future--it was so fun! I really got a charge out of photographing families, and it was great capturing each one where they are right now. Fingers crossed that I can get my own family to cooperate for our family picture here soon...
9. My frig is filled with a dozen of these Edible Snowmen. Not for the faint of heart, let me tell you. But oh, so worth the effort. They'll be available for sale at a craft show that I'm doing this weekend.
10. Looking forward to spending time with my dear friend Debbie this weekend at the Litchfield Craft Show. If you're a local, come by and say hello! The craft show runs 10-5 at the Litchfield Town Hall on Sunday, November 21, located at 9254 Norwalk Road (which is at rt.18 and rt.83 in the circle next to Sunco gas station.) Hope to see you there! I'll have page kits and a bunch of edible crafts.
11. And last but not least, a jumping shot...

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


jamie said...

love your photos. very fun.
and how lucky are you for thanksgiving?

Mary Ann Jenkins said...

Oh those snowmen are just darling! Love 'em!!

Debbi Tehrani said...

Oh, that photo of them jumping is just awesome! Loved reading all these little tidbits--they made me smile big!

Melanie said...

The first thing on your list caught me . . . my oldest DD is 11, too. I'm so thankful she is who she is. But I know it could change . . . :)