Friday, November 26, 2010

How did you spend it?

Domestic Goddess and Cook is definitely not on my resume. Lucky for my family, it's on my mothers. :)

After getting up and watching the parade on TV, we headed over my parents house to spend the day with the family. Mom cooked an extraordinary meal for 12 people and maked it look effortless. (She made 3 kinds of homemade pies!) After we eat, everyone usually sits around watching the game, chatting and some napping.

This year was different...this year we got a new game for the Wii and worked off that turkey!
We had a blast playing this game the entire day! I am absolutely the worst at playing video games. I don't have the hand eye coordination thing down. This game, I can play. After a song or two, you will be sweating and not want to quit because it is so much fun. Everyone joined in from age 6 up to 69.

Proof that everyone will like this parents in their 60's would not hand over the controllers when their turn was over. In fact, I'm pretty sure after everyone left and the dishes were done, they went back downstairs to the rec room and played some more.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and friends! PS. Let's keep the video of my parents a little secret between you and me. ;)


Trish said...

OMG--LOVE IT!! I got our daughter that for Christmas--it was at the top of her list! And your folks are the BEST--Kathy's going to love you for this one! :)

Scrapthat said...

Okay....that is just the cutest Laina! TFS...Your parents are adorable getting down with their jiggy selves! :)

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious Laina! Your Daddy's got some rhythm!

Therese Given said...

Too cute... seriously made me LOL! This is certainly the way to stay young at heart!