Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photography Tips for Christmas Photos

I've been busy doing a bunch of family photo sessions for Christmas and holiday cards lately. Today I wanted to share a few tips, and a few links to help you with yours!

*Set your environment up for success. Have the family ready to go and in a good mood (if possible.) Don't schedule photos or take them right before or right after a nap if you have toddlers. You'd be surprised how a little thought and planning will go a long way!

*Be realistic. Your children are not perfect, so their Christmas card photos may reflect that. It is okay. Roll with the punches--sometimes you end up with the best Christmas cards that way! Unrealistic expectations can ruin a fun photo shoot.

This is a good general advice article on Christmas pictures...
And this one is also related to it...
This is a great little article on doing your own Christmas card photos.

And this one is not only good for creative techniques, but has a lot of other links as resources.

*Don't forget the details. The little ring on this girl's finger, the tiny tuffs in her dress, the curl in her hair, and the anticipation of the holiday is captured in the photo above...

*Have pouty kiddos? Work with it! :)
*Bribery works. And not just with the little people in families. I've found that it holds true for pre-teens and teenagers, too (who can be much more difficult to pose in family pictures sometimes!) It is okay to entice them--but communicate your expectations beforehand and stick to your guns.
*Try and convey what you want from the photographer beforehand, and let them do their work. If the photographer needs your help with the kiddos, they'll let you know. Generally, children work better in pictures with strangers who give them direction, and tend to tune out their parents.

This article is great for all-around Christmas pictures...

And this one is on photos for cards specifically.

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Debbi Tehrani said...

What fantastic tips and awesome photos--love that one with the ring! Thanks for sharing your expertise!