Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Little Quality Time

This is our favorite time of year to spend time together in the kitchen, cooking and baking and eating it all up. Not so great on the waistline but worth it. As much as I love to cook, I'm not much of a baker. Though, every now & then I will whip up some cupcakes, cookies and even try my hands at chocolate bars. I leave that whole baking thing to my husband and the Kids LOVE it.

Last year, my husband picked up a package of store bought gingerbread mix so the kids and him can make themselves some gingerbread cookies. It was their first time making these and I'm not sure the batter was at the right consistency for cutting out shapes. But, they turned out delicious!

I did participate in the making of these cookies, by topping them with sugar :) My family was in pure heaven later that night as they enjoyed their homemade treats.

With all the holiday rush nearing, I hope you get the chance to spend a little quality time baking with your family. Cheers!


pickmepam said...

gingerbread isn't my favorite, but for some reason, come the holidays, it's perfect.

Joy Madison said...

I was wondering who those cute little curly headed mixed kids were! I forgot you were here C :D xoxo!

Trish said...

I use store bought stuff to make all the time! And Joy's right--they're adorable!!