Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Project Life

Greetings! So glad you came by for a little visit. Today I want to share my little o' version of Project Life. This is one of those projects that takes on a life of it's own and in the individual's very own style. Like many, I am not following step-by-step in line with Becky Higgins album and all the accessories that come with it. For me, her pocket page protectors, in both the A and B version, were my jumping off place.

I hope you have a little bit of time as I go through the first several weeks of this project, and show you what makes mine...well...mine.

Of course every good books starts with a title page...and this is how mine shaped up. A current photo of the clan. Was thrilled with the 7gypsies paper that had the addition problem that added up to seven!

You will notice throughout these pages that some weeks will be found only on one page, and some weeks will be found on two pages. Sometimes the page protectors will be filled with photos only. As in the spread above, I added an additional 5x7 page protector that held my journaling.

This particular week was very thematic, versus eclectic. Not sure if it was because I did not take many photos, or if all the photos I took were of the little mr. Either way, it worked for me.

Week 4 has little journaling to go with the photos. I find if the week is extra busy, that my journaling will fall off. Not my goal, by any means, but that is 'life'. Included with this week was a special birth announcement and attached letter. We are close to this family, and I wanted to have them part of this week of our life celebrating their family.

So far, from week to week, I have changed the way I have titled that particular week. Just depends on my mood. I might find a single way that works for me in the future, but I have not yet. This week also included some artistic work from daughter number three. I really love that I have this home for these sweet additions from my girlies.

Here I have used a page protector to house the weeks journaling. This week was journal heavy. I attempted to do what Ali Edwards has done, and sewed the trimmed page protector to fit the journal piece. But I am not happy with the way my machine did the job.

This is the other side of the journal piece, that houses a funny card I received from a friend during the week. I trimmed it to make it fit. I am happy to look back at this now.

This is another one page week layout. A significant week for our family as we mourned the loss of a family friend. I included the program from the service this time using a 6x12 page protector. I am pleased how I was able to add that piece.

This is the other side of the previous 6x12. I did photos and journaling on that side of my girlies and their daddy going to a dinner dance.

Have you noticed a trend of the little mr. being a focus of many of these weeks? I wish I would have started this the week he was born. It has been such a doable way to keep up with his growth and milestones. I am so thankful for this project and what it is doing for me to keep up with our life, and how much the rest of the clan enjoys the writing and memories too.

 I just wanted to show this last page so you could see I added a 12x6 layout. It fits in there sort of awkward, but I kind of like it.

Hoping you found a little bit of inspiration here for you. Hoping you see that there are so many ways to keep your memories in an uncomplicated and undemanding way. Hoping you see that even if there is no journaling, there is still a story. Hoping if you are on the edge of making your very own project life, that you will jump in and make it happen.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the brain storms. It has been fun to let it all hang out. This was a no-holds-barred mental jamboree that will be missed.
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Well deserved! I really enjoy your blog and am impressed by your finds. Keep it up!

Trish said...

Jamie, this is drop-dead gorgeous!! You have really given me food for thought for next year's album. I think you have a convert here! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! xo

Aubree said...

I have yet to try one of these but after seeing yours I may just be convinced! Your album is gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

borcherding said...

AWESOME! Every time I see somebody post their Project Life albums I kick myself for not starting this...LOL!!

BabyBokChoy said...

Yep, this is a beauty... sigh... so fantastic!

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a precious project, Jamie! Just gorgeous!

ellen s. said...

this is really really cool!