Tuesday, June 21, 2011

inspired by the fourth.

Happy first day of Summer, friends! Which means July 4 is just under two weeks away. And for some reason I am really excited for the celebration and already inspired and creating to make it all the holiday it can be. Around here it is the biggest holiday as the whole neighborhood comes out and brings food and fireworks, and gather's around our drive for a fun evening that includes a bonfire to boot.

This year I am adding a few new items to my celebration and I want to share them with you.

Flag Planter Display. This first idea is an easy one to start with. It only requires a planter on the front porch, or several lined up together, and add as many or few store bought flags as you wish. I think it is so very festive and welcoming. 
Fourth of July mantle. I have a mantle. But I am not a very big fan of it. So I tend to ignore it. But that needs to stop. Liz shows step by step how to put this focal point together. I am going to use what I have and go with the inspiration of banner, stars and stripes to give my mantle some meaning.

 Star Garland. I love making these garlands. Now this is a kid friendly project, for sure, but I want to do it myself. Why am I like that? O.K...I will make my own, and the girlies can make theirs. Anyhow, these will be fun to have all over.

Patriotic Strawberries.  My daughter is all over this one. We have seen this idea in several places now. It will make for a fun and easy kid project on July4. I'll let you know how they taste.

Decorate the doorway.  I already have the supplies for the wreath, and am very eager to get started on it. The display of fanned patterned paper really got my attention on this project. It has so much texture and dimension.

Tissue Fan Fireworks. Martha has struck again. These will hang over the table in the kitchen. Because more than likely our festivities will be rained out at some point, so one needs to prepare for the party to come inside. I usually do the tissue pom-poms for parties, so this will be a fun change up.

Vintage Star Wands. These are sold in a shop at etsy, but I am thinking one could make them on their own. My idea is to have sand filled Ball jars with a display of these vintage goodies making up a table center piece. But what I can make, I just can't buy.

Hoping this gives YOU some ideas to make your Fourth of July extra festive.

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Debbi Tehrani said...

Love these! I want to come over to your house to celebrate! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

pickmepam said...

wow! looks like you will be having loads of fun!

Trish said...

You make me want to pull my decorations out now!! Great post, Jamie!