Monday, June 20, 2011

Thanks, Jamie.

This post from Jamie Pate got me to thinking. I need to be a little more thoughtful in the gifting process sometimes...
So this weekend, we attended 3 graduation parties. This is what I brought to one of them. Brownie bites, baked in the cutest little cupcake liners (from Michael's). I used orange as a theme, because of the graduate's school colors. Every other liner, I simply turned down the edges, making them look like flowers.
I used my punches and punched out "2011" on two scallops and layered them on a mini popsicle stick (as found in the June Main WIP Kit).
I also wanted to personalize the gift a bit. The recipient is a close family friend, and I took her senior pictures. So I had those on file, and I went to work. A 4" wooden block was painted, sanded, and covered in photos of her from her photo shoot.
And this was the package. Nothing really fancy--just an orange paper bag that I embellished. I used two kabob skewers, and created fancy little paper flags that were covered in what I had nearby. The colors and the embellishments were tied to the food embellishments, and also to the card (that isn't photographed.)
Fancy and expensive? No. Just a little effort and thought. Thank you for the inspiration, Jamie!! I, for one, am so happy for the push!! :)


Debbi Tehrani said...

SO fabulous and creative, and how adorable are those cupcake liners!

AnilĂș Magloire said...

Whoa! Those are all amazing. And excuse me, but you have always been like that. No one beats you in the details department :-)

jamie said...

you have no idea how happy it makes me to give someone a little inspiration. especially YOU!

pickmepam said...

love the block!