Friday, July 22, 2011

The Pioneer Woman's Poppers

I am here to tell you that these are amazing. Everything that the Pioneer Woman does is amazing. And this recipe is what sold me on her. I swear I thought I posted it before. But my search brought up nothing. So here goes...

You can find this incredible recipe here. Go make some for your next get-together. Triple the recipe. They're that good.

Oh, and one more important note. Wear gloves when cutting/gutting the peppers. I didn't last time and my hands burned for 2 days. Not fun. Lesson learned. So take it from me and be cautious! :)

Enjoy your Friday!

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Debbi Tehrani said...

Oh, my yumminess! Those look absolutely divine. And I'm so hungry right now. What am I saying? You always make me hungry with your delicious food posts! :)