Tuesday, October 4, 2011

No Photo Layout

It’s rare when I create a layout without photos. I prefer photos on all my layouts that I create. I feel a photo has more than one story to tell and gives the layout a wonderful visual behind the actual story being told. However, there are times when photos just aren’t available to tell my story.

While creating my layouts with the October kit, I knew I wanted to use these die-cut beauties, but they just didn’t fit within the design of my other layouts. I always like to document some fall favorites, because it seems to change every year. Instead of snapping photos for this layout, I just used my words and simple design to share my thoughts.

Do you ever create layouts without photos? If not, challenge yourself and create sharing your story without photos. Words are powerful as well as design.


jamie said...

cindy...love what you did with the die cut tags...and i always love me a good non-photo layout.
great job!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

wow love this! I never imagined a page without photos but this one is perfect and something I want to do now! thanks!

Trish said...

Beautiful layout, Cindy! Love what you did with those punched cards!!