Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom.

My mom is 70 years young today. Our youngest son Griffin drew her a picture in celebration, so she could have some new refrigerator art. This is what he came up with at school.

His teacher asked him what she was holding, and held her breath, I am sure.

You see, my mom is on oxygen, and walks around with a tank a lot.  Next to her would be my dad (with his walker) and Griffin.

Get your mind outta the gutter.  What did you think it was??

I'm saving this photo for the scrapbook.  My mom got a huge laugh out of the picture, and I knew she would.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  If I grow to be half the parent you are, I'll be fortunate.  Love every little morsel of you. 


Heather said...

I love it!!! I knew what grandma had ;) I know all about oxygen...did I ever tell you I work for a company that fills the oxygen cylinders. I have often wondered if my company fills the cylinders for her HME.

Marge said...

THAT IS PRICELESS!!! I had to giggle because all of Ian's "baseball bats" look very similar to your moms "oxygen tank" !! My mind does stray I suppose!!!LOL
Happy Birthday to your mom!! :)

Ryzmomplus2 said...

That is adorable! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Aphra said...

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Too funny, Trish! What a treasure!