Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Life Organization

Wanted to share how I organize my PL supplies. Shockingly surprised to admit--it is all contained in one spot...
I got this vintage looking wire caddy at Marshall's a few weeks back.  Perfect size for the stuff I want to organize...
This bin was a Dollar Spot find at Target.  Love that it separates a few of my favorite things.  Here aer some of the contents:
Small alphas/word stickers, flair buttons, Martha Stewart tabs and labels, and file folder stickers.
I love that the blue bin lifts off the top easily, revealing other cards below.  Looks like a mess, eh?  I know where it all is.  Promise!
My friend Amy was smart enough to introduce this idea.  Using the protectors as holders for some of the die cuts I want to use.  Genius!
Along side of the caddy are a TON (about 2" thick) of printed PL notecards and quotes, found all over the web.  Addictive.
And one other thing I'd like to share...
One of the things I love to add to my PL albums are extra sleeves.  For example, the above photo collage was taken from the my365 app, and I formatted it to a 6 x 12 and had it printed.  I had one spot left, so I included a photo of myself in the last block (since I did take all of those shots), and simply slid it into the sleeve.  It is actually housed at the front of my PL album, right behind my title page (I copied CZ's free download and printed it out.  You can find it here.)

I was all jazzed up about putting little number stickers on each and every square, knowing I had all the ones that come with PL.  Bummed to discover they only go from 1-10.  Epic fail.  So here and there, I used days of the week.  Next month when I go to format these, I'll just add the date electronically.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or want to share how you organize your own PL!
Enjoy your day!


jamie said...

unbelievably awesome.
serious organization going on.
love it all!
as usual.

ClaireTet said...

Looks like a fabulous set up. I am very envious of all those printables.

Chris K said...
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Chris K said...

Awesome organization! Still bummed I missed the kit. Might try to put something together if I get time.

Heather said...

Love that collage page. Can you give more details on how you did that? How dd you format it? Where dd you have it printed? Love it!!