Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss's birthday.  If you have children, or are a teacher to children, you know this. 
 I wanted to share a few of my favorite edibles for the day, since many classrooms celebrate...

A nilla wafer in the middle of a bunch of melted green chocolate.  Clever, huh??
Marshmallows on a stick, and red edible markers.  LOVE!!

I'd use green chocolate here for Green Eggs and Ham, but you get the idea!!

And this one is simply over the TOP!!
You can find a ton more here, along with links to the above creations on my Pinterest Board, "Dr. Seuss Stuff I love."  Yes, I have a whole board dedicated to my love of Seuss.  :)

Enjoy your day!!


jamie said...

love the first pic with the green eggs.
you always have the best ideas.

kristine said...

What great ideas! Love them. Thanks for sharing.

Chris K said...

Great ideas! My son shares his birthday with Dr Seuss. Need to come up with a classroom treat that isn't too childlike (6th grade) and doesn't take a lot of time

pickmepam said...

ha! they are all great, but i love the cotton candy one!

Carole said...

This was my quote to honour Dr Seuss

Crystal said...

What did you use for the white part of the egg on the second picture? It looks like marshmallow fluff or is it icing? Too cute of an idea!