Friday, September 28, 2012


Have you noticed the burlap trend in interior decor and crafts? Heavenly!!
This simple burlap runner, finished off with a touch of lace is a beautiful, classic accent to any table.
This Burlap and Lace Dessert Table from Kara's Party Ideas is to die for!
This beautiful wreath looks like an upcoming DIY Project, for sure...
You know you want to make these.
Burlap CURTAINS!!  Yes!!
This burlap pumpkin is simply made from strips of material, sewn together.  Adorbs!
And these framed accents from Cosmo Cricket are totally doable!!
Enjoy your day!


pickmepam said...

ugh to the burlap drapes! like the rosette tho. i can't remember who covered a picture frame made little nests out of burlap. it was so cute, i'll look and get back to ya.

Carol said...

Love the looks of all! Burlap is fabulous and neutral. Love those frames and rosettes.

pickmepam said...

saw it on someone's blog, but found it on google