Monday, September 17, 2012

Mike & Mandy's Wedding--Part 2

 Here are the rest of the photos I wanted to post and share.  So many good ones, with details and side notes to share for every one.  But for now, I'll post and comment a bit.
Mike and Mandy, the happy couple.
 The Father/Daughter Dance...
So many fun photos that night.  There was a guy walking around with an Instax, and of course we played with those.  There was also a professional photo booth, complete with props and accessories and FUN.  Total hit!
 Loved her updo.  This shot was taken at the end of the couple's first dance.
 There were two dance floors--one on the inside, one on the outside.
 Tangerine gerber daisies...
 And THIS was the gift from the owner of the restaurant to the happy couple.  Yeah.  Barrel and all...
 Their guest book was a poster purchased from Etsy, customized with their colors.  Love this idea!  It will hang in their home as a reminder of the day...
 Love that the wedding was indoor/outdoor, complete with the fire pit.  It was a perfect evening.
 Mike and Mandy, I am forever grateful for your friendship and faith in me.  Thank you so much for asking me to do your photos.  I hope you had a blast on your honeymoon!!
 Enjoy your day!

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pickmepam said...

these are great pics trish!!! can i get married all over again and you can take the pics?