Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shutterfly Team Sites

ETA: There will be NO KITS for sale until the 20th this week. I was set on using the Echo Park Fall Fever collection, and I thought it was worth the wait (hope you do, too!) Can't wait to share the awesome new felt embellishements I have in store to go along with it. Thanks for your patience!!
If you're a team mom of any sort, make sure to check out Shutterfly and their Team Sites.  It is a FREE service provided by the company in which one can upload and share photos privately with others in the group (and it isn't limited to sports--it can be a theatre group, church group, retreat, etc.)  From this site, one is able to upload meeting dates and times, a schedule for snacks and games, messages, updates, scores, stats and anything else you could possibly dream up.  It is a GREAT tool, and we are hooked.  My favorite feature (besides sharing photos) is that there is an option to send reminders to people just in case they forget something is upcoming.  Be sure to check it out here.
Enjoy your day!!

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pickmepam said...

ignatius uses it for their rowing pics. awesome :]