Monday, October 1, 2007

More Treats!

I got some adorable emails yesterday, and wanted to share two of them today.This centerpiece was done by Paula Thompson. She got the supplies from Michael's and used the October WIP kit to embellish. Cute idea!
The next 3 submissions came from Tina Zarlenga. She painted cans as pumpkin faces. My kids would totally go nuts over this! (And if you want to check out Tina's adorable house that is fully decorated for fall, check out her blog!)

And aren't these felt pumpkin faces cute? They have pockets at the tops of their heads to slip in treats. And if you like felt, you'll love the upcoming November kit. I finished photographing it today, and will have sneaks available very soon. Stay tuned!

I'd still love to post any cute Halloween ideas you have to share--be sure to forward them (or links if you find any others!) Thanks Paula and Tina!


Anilu Magloire said...

Oh, I love them all, but those felt pumpkins are GORGEOUS!!!

Molly said...

I love all of this! You all are making me miss fall!!! :D