Thursday, May 15, 2008

Update & Questions

The June Kits are HOT!!!Thanks so much for the orders, emails and comments about this kit. It really is a boost to get such a response, and I am doing my best to try and tackle the orders and invoices. The 8x8 album included in the kit contains 10 square pages inside and is post bound.

For those of you who ordered the Project kit, look for a different box when the kit is shipped. The framed screen was too large to fit into a regular postal box, so I had to improvise! Shipping will start today.

There will be leftover main kits because I increased the quantities this month, and those will be available on the website here at 5:00 EST. The Add-on kits sold out so quickly yesterday--so I apologize to the people who have requested one but were shut out.

I had a few questions about the project kit, and will try and take more pictures of it today so you get a better view. The step-up acrylic album is somewhat difficult to see (not easy photographing something clear) and the framed screen project is only partially seen in the photo.

Along with the release of the kits, there has been a frenzied reaction to the weekend at the Bertram Inn, prompting a ton of email about it yesterday. There is a thread about the retreat over at Willow Traders, and I'm so excited to see so many of my friends over there interested in coming!! And who knew Sue is virtually my neighbor??? How could this have escaped my attention before??? I can't wait to hook up with you in person!! This really is going to be fun...

I've had some questions about the coupon for the free mini kit. The code for the coupon was on the tag of the May Project kit. So if you purchased one of those and are ordering this month's project kit, you will receive a free mini kit in your box this month. I have a record of the people who are eligible, so if you didn't keep the code, don't worry--it will automatically be sent!! It is my little perk to the customers out there who are project driven and so loyal every month.

Okay all, I'm off to do some packing!! Enjoy your Thursday!


Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Trish, the June kits are simply mind-blowing! Such an amazing variety of fresh and fabulous stuff! Can't wait to see all the eye-candy that you and your team of designers are going to create to inspire us in the next few weeks!

Kristin said...

I knew that add-on would go fast - it is awesome!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

This is just an amazing kit with a fabulous collection of products and I love it! :-) I'm sure it will remain HOT till it's gone, gone, gone!!! Congrats on another great kit! HUGS!!!

Heather said...

This looks like a fab kit for spring...heck with having boys..they can do with some fun spring colors on their pages ;)

I hope you get my email about the retreat...I can sooo make it :) I am giddy beyond words!!!!!!!!! ....that is if there is still room!