Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Contain yourself

Finding a container for cookies is on my to do list every Christmas since my sister hosts an annual cookie exchange. Part of the exchange is about coming up with creative packaging, and this is another reason why I enjoy this time of the year so much, creative ideas are abundant!
With knowing that every year I am asked to make Russian tea balls, I can start looking for ideas early on in the season. That is when I found the clear paint can at Target and knew my snowballs would fit perfectly.
My girlfriend Brenda made these awesome cookies and the adorable container is adorned with an sprig of greens and a jar filled with snow

My sister wrapped her poppyseed bread in a washcloth!

and so many other tins and bags and ideas

that I decided to head over to pinterest and see if there were more ideas
and here's just a few of what I found!

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Marge said...

WOW!! LOVE the presentation ideas.....and those snowmen bag clips are too stinkin cute!!!